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Shipping Policies
We welcome you to visit and pick up your puppy in person, or if preferred, we will ship anywhere in the United States. The fees for flying the puppy is $250.00 on American Airlines. If a VIP flight is recquired then the shipping would be more. Your puppy will be shipped in a pet carrier and will recieve a Health Certificate and a package of food. We will send the registration papers, shot records, Health Guarantee and information about your pups microchip and how to register it, by Certified Mail. If you would like you may put a $100.00 dollar deposit to hold the puppy and pay the rest so we recieve final payment three days before they are shipped.

Health Guarantee

Country Lane Kennel Purchase Contract               

10441 Farm Road 1075, Purdy MO 65734 Phone #417-442-3799

E-mail: Fax #417-442- 3535

Breed: _________                                  Sex:         _______

Color:       __________                                           

DOB: __________

Sire Name:              ________                Dams Name: _________

Purchase Price:$______

This Puppy is guarantee to be (name of breed or breed of each parent).

All fees, including sale price, shipping and handling charges are payable prior to the shipment of the animal. I will be happy to hold your puppy, if needed, for up to a week after he/she is ready to leave, after that period of time there will be a $3.50 per day boarding fee applied.                                                                                                                                        

Holding Agreement

In consideration of a payment of $100.00, of which $100.00 is the deposit. Seller assigns buyer the dog and guaranteeing that said dog will not be sold to any other party other than the buyer. The portion of the deposit taken and known as Surety of Action shall be applied to the purchase price.

The Surety of Action deposit received by seller in the amount of $100.00 for said puppies is NON-REFUNDABLE.         

Country Lane Kennel Guarantees this puppy to be free of all Communicable disease for a period of 10 days from the date of sale on these Pet Record. Country Lane Kennel also guarantees this puppy to be free of Genetic defects that make the puppy not suitable for the purpose of a “family pet” until the puppy reaches one year of age. Buyer understands that the following slight genetic defects are not considered serious or life threatening, and there fore are not covered: umbilical hernia, under bite or overbite. Buyer understands that replacement option is only valid when health problems are attributed to a hereditary problem and not due to accident or contagious and /or other illness. Buyer understands that any and all guarantee expire one year from the date of purchase.

Also this guarantee shall become null &void if the puppy is given any vaccinations within 10 days of purchase. Unless I state otherwise that they need vaccinations before the 10 day period is up. We do not guarantee against Parvo, Corona, Cocciodiosis or Giardia after 72 hours of purchase.

If this puppy displays the indication of poor health you must notify me by the 10th day to make a claim for a replacement puppy. If your puppy is very sick or has a congenital defect found by your vet, he or she needs to send a copy of sickness or defect determined to our veterinarian for an agreement to replace the puppy (at buyers expense). Must obtain a written statement from your vet, on office stationary and signed by him/her for our records, stating health risk and to include a description of the symptoms supporting his/her opinion to validate this guarantee. If the Puppy dies, you must send Vet Statement of the cause of death, and the microchip must be returned to the seller for refund. Any vet bills incurred to diagnose or repair a problem will be the responsibility of the buyer unless arrangements have been made or approved prior to treatment. Failure to do this will cause this contract to be null and void.

A.       Original puppy must be returned with 24 hours along with all the paper work. (you agree to fill out all necessary forms to return ownership of puppy to breeder.)   

B.       If you qualify for a replacement, you can choose a new puppy of equal value if one is available. You will be responsible for the shipping of a new puppy. I will not be held responsible for further costs.

C.        If you choose a puppy of greater value of $ _______ then you are responsible to pay the difference.

D.       If we do not have a puppy of equal value available within 180 days, for your replacement, we will refund your puppies original purchase price of $________.

This written agreement is a binding contract entered into the State of Missouri and is the entire agreement between the buyer and seller concerning the health conditions or loss of this puppy.

Seller’s Signature___________________________________________Date_______________


Customer’s Signature________________________________________Date_______________

Payment Method  We accept paypal, postal money order or money grahm. If you would like to use paypal go to and use our e-mail address, to pay for the pup.