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Here's what our customers are saying...

An exellent breeder. My cockapoo puppy came clean, healthy and well socialized. Obviously he was well cared for. Jack and his wife were incredibly responsive and caring. Thay made sure his travel plans were confirmed and my puppy was well cared for on the flight. No other breeder responded to my questions and concerns like Country Lane. Two of my friends bought puppies from the same litter once they saw my puppy. Thay had the same experience. I would highly recommend buying a puppy from Country Lane Kennel.

Stephanie Sullivan (from Boston)

Its been about a year and half since we got Shadow aka Dasher. We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him, He has brought so much joy to our family. We don't know how we ever managed without a dog. He has one of the best temperments we have ever seen and is so well behaved. We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the cockapoo we purchased from you. Take care.

The Spielman Family

Dear Jack and Jacquelyn,
          I just wanted to let you know how I am doing. My new name is Missy. It's been almost 3 weeks since I came to my new home here in Oregan with Mom and Dad. It was a very long day when I flew out here. I was so excited when I was met at the Airport by Mom and Dad and other family members. I am the center of attention and love every minute of it.
          I spend my days with Dad while Mom works. (She only has one month before she retires). We ride the four wheeler around the farm. Dad retired last year from his job but he farms grain. Last week I rode the lawn mower with Dad while he mowed the lawn. I have a BIG yard. I love to run around and around in the yard. It took us over an hour to mow the lawn on the ride around mower. Yesterday Dad rotortilled the garden area and in the green house. I followed right behind him. I follow him everywhere he goes. I was so dirty when we got through which means another bath.

Last Friday I went to my new doctor and got my next shots. I weighed in at 5 lbs.

I have lots of toys to play with.

I just wanted you to know I am very happy in my new home.  Thank you for sending me to Oregon.


Hello Schlessmans!   As you can imagine, I am very busy with my new pup...I call her Roxy. I cannot believe that I bought a dog over the internet! I have read so much about dogs and training it just seemed to go completely against anything I know. Speaking to Jack made me feel better... I just had a good feeling speaking with him. Jack you were very patient. That dog is everything and more that I could have asked for. She is obviously cute but besides that she did not seem a bit fazed by the airplane ride. She is bright sociable and if you can believe it (I was very diligent)she probably is litter trained already. (Like I said I have read alot about dog training). She doesn't hardly bark! How in the world did I get so lucky I don't know. We have all unexpectidly fell in love. She has really brought to our home the intangible. I make her homemade liver treats and the yougurt idea thanks to you Jack works well. My heartfelt thank you to you both (and your lovely daughter!) Sincerely, Maura Kayal

Hello Countrylane Pups

          It has been almost 1 year since we got our cockapoo from you. We couldn't have asked for a better puppy. She is a joy to have around and so sweet. When we were looking for a puppy buying on the internet was the last thing we would do but Jack was such a big help. Never having a dog before he really made me feel confident about getting Molly. She was shipped to us her in Delaware. My sister boutht a dog too. Molly's sister Shelly. Thay were shipped together in one crate. They were so good. Were so happy to meet them. When they see each other they play like crazy dogs. We couldn't be happier. Thanks for such a wonderful pet. We love looking at your website to see your new puppies.

Thank you so much.

Shirlann Wiedenmann and Molly

To the Schlessmans:

It's been almost 2 years since we got Jack (DOB: 4/19/07) aka"Charlie" from the Schlessmans. Jack is a Maltipoo and quite an exceptional dog. Not only does he have a great personality, but he's extremely inteligent as well. I learned about bell training and at the age of 4 months, Jack was bell trained in 48 hours. We have been bringing him to doggie daycare on a regular basis(as he's an only child and we want him to have playmates) and the entire staff continues to rave about Jack. In fact, the owner of the daycare asked for your information as several people have inquired where we got him. He is extremely fast and overall a super athlete. He's very alert and extremely lovable...his expressions are endlessly entertaining. He's also a great watchdog - he always lets us know if someone is on our proerty. He's a 13 pounder who has the heart of a Great Dane... in fact he is so well socialized that he is not intemidated by large dogs at all. He'll play with any dog that will play with him, large or small. He has so much energy that when a dog with whom he's playing gets tired, he goes to the next dog, and then the next, and so on. One unique trait that Jack has is that he often walks upright and jumps up and down like a little kid when excited. As a motter of fact, when we first got him, our granddaughter asked us if he was a circus dog. Since then, other people refer to him as "Jack - the dancing dog".

Jack is our first dog and we did a lot of research about the type os animal to get because our granddaughter has allergies. Jack Schlessman was extremely helpful to us throughout this whole process. He was ver reassuring and quite patient with all our questions, and I had a ver good feeling about conducting the "transaction" sight unseen. We picked Jack off the website and feel that we hit the "jackpot!"

In short, Jack is a gift that keeps giving. We feel blaessed and very lucky that he is our boy. We would highly recommend the Schlessmans to anyone wanting to purchase a Maltipoo, as it is very apparent to us that he came from a very good environment from people who really care about  their animals. If we were in the market to purchase another dog, we would definetely go through you, once again.

We appreciate everything that you've done for us. You have mad us very happy and as you can see from the attached picture, Jack is very happy and healthy, as well.

Best wishes for continued success.

Bill & Donna Berkowitz

Stoneham, MA